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It is important to understand that Immigration Lawyer Melbourne is not an agency in itself, we don’t even directly provide immigration legal services ourselves. What we do is, we connect you with our chosen high profile immigration lawyer and immigration agents in Melbourne who are fully qualified to give you the expert immigration legal advice and services considering your needs and unique circumstances.

People seek for an immigration attorney or migration agent when they want to get their visa quickly and efficiently without wasting time. And besides, to solve every issue of visa processing easily. Every year many people from the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand, China, Italy, and India try and apply for immigration to Australia. Many also apply from the Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Scotland and ask for help with the migration process. We have continued our efforts to ensure that our clients get their desired visas flawlessly. We’ll put you in touch with MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) registered agents. One thing to note here is that you may be aware of many migration agents, not all of whom are immigration lawyers. It is said that only 25 percent of Australian migration agents are registered immigration lawyers. And we serve you with those who are skilled migration agents in Melbourne, as well as experienced immigration lawyers.​

Our Melbourne-based lawyers help you with everything from getting a work permit in Australia to getting citizenship, and even more.​

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Every year a lot of people do not get their visas just because they did not follow the right path. As an ordinary human, you may find it difficult to go through the process of immigration. Our experienced Melbourne immigration lawyers are ready to assist you now.

Migration Agent Melbourne

All our agents are (RMA) Registered Migration Agent. You can get help for your preparation of visa application, valuable advice, prepare other documents. It is wise to take the help of an migration agent to make the migration process faster and more comfortable.

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The Most Common Practice Areas of Our Immigration Lawyers In Melbourne

Work Permit In Australia

Work Permit In Australia

The 456 visa is a temporary residence visa that will allow you to work and travel in Australia as it is a short stay business visa. Skilled regional visa 489 will allow to live and work in Australia which also allows to bring your family.

Innovation And Investment Visa

Innovation And Investment Visa

Those who want to set up their own business in Australia or invest in an Australian business can take this opportunity. Subclass: Provisional 188/ Permanent 888

Regional Sponsored Migration

Regional Sponsored Migration

Skilled workers who are nominated by an Australian licensed employer will be eligible for this permanent residence visa. Subclass: 186. Another subclass 494 visa allows to work in a regional area for up to 5 years.

Australian Citizenship

Australian Citizenship

Anyone who has lived in Australia for at least four years with a valid Australian visa and has had a PR permit in the last 12 months can apply for citizenship in Australia.

Family Migration

Family Migration

Australian Immigration Law allows permanent residents and citizens to migrate their families to Australia. There are also 457 & 482 subclass visas to bring your family.

Student & Tourist Visa

Student & Tourist Visa

Student visa is an effective solution for long stay in Australia. However, you should not apply for a student visa while you are in Australia on a tourist visa.

Judicial Issues

Judicial Issues

Our top rated migration agents and immigration lawyers in Melbourne are ready to assist with any type of judicial issues to facilitate your arrival in Australia.

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Why Choose Immigration Lawyer Melbourne?​

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Excellent Track Record.

We know everyone's needs and types are different. And with a deep knowledge of our immigration law we are ready to help you with exactly what you need.

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Transparent Fees (Lowest In the Market)

When you are consulting with one of our lawyers, you do not need to worry about your money. We try our best to minimize the fee for your best.

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Unparalleled Customer Service

We already have provided services to many people to get their dreamed visas by connecting them with our highly skilled immigration lawyer and migration agents in Melbourne. They are now as happy as you would love to be.

When Is The Right Time to Consult an Immigration Lawyer in Melbourne?

It is well known that migrating to Australia is not easy. Immigration process is especially complicated here. But we offer you solutions to make this difficult process easier. The question that may come to many minds is when should anyone seek an immigration lawyer? Honestly, from the moment you realize that you need the advice and counsel of an immigration lawyer, you need it. We have seen many cases where people have failed to resolve their immigration matters due to not getting the help of the right immigration lawyer at the right time. As mentioned earlier, the process of immigration, work permits and citizenship in Australia is not very easy. With this in mind, our best advice is that if you feel the need for help from an immigration lawyer or agent, it's best to seek advice quickly, as early as well. Of course, if you want, you can do something by yourself here. For example, if you want to make a move to Melbourne, you may apply through these steps. This will save you some money that you might have to pay for an immigration lawyer. However, if you wish to complete all the processes and formalities on your own, some things you need to be sure of is whether you have done proper research before submitting all the official documents and applications and whether you are completing the matter in the right time. Because of the wrong documents and untimely delivery, many people are constantly losing the opportunity to immigrate to Australia. However, if possible, we would advise you to always consult with a skilled and reputable immigration lawyer in Melbourne. In that case you can be confident that your visa process is being done in the right way at the right time. This will eliminate the possibility of minimal errors in your visa application.

Are you not yet an Australian citizen but looking for a job in Melbourne in expatriate life? The Government of Australia has a special guideline on this. You can find those tips at liveinmelbourne.vic.gov.au

Why People Seek Migration Agent Melbourne?

If you want to migrate to Australia, an immigration agent can give you a thorough knowledge of the issues surrounding migration and help you properly prepare the necessary paperwork. Migration agent Melbourne can help you with- 

  • Understand your needs and advise on which visa would be right for you. 
  • Complete the visa application form for you. 
  • Prepares the necessary supporting documents and updates your information appropriately on your behalf. 
  • Submit your application and deal with the relevant government department on your behalf. 
  • Migration agents has a deep understanding of complex immigration matters and provides good advice if such a situation arises.
However, our clients are happy that all of the immigration lawyers we assist are legal professionals as well as migration agents in Melbourne.

Why People Love Melbourne?

Many people find it very interesting to migrate to Melbourne. Many are migrating to Melbourne every year, especially from South Africa, Asia and Europe. The climate in Melbourne is also quite favorable for living. Environmental pollution is very low here and every installation including locals and houses is well planned. Besides, people have enough respect for local laws. Here the Australian government is aware of the rights of its citizens, which is why Melbourne is relatively peaceful compared to other parts of Europe.

There are free medical care facilities for the citizens as well as some of the world famous hospitals in Melbourne. Not only with medical services, but also in the field of education, the government is providing free and subsidized facilities. Australia’s economic growth has been steadily upward and steady for more than a decade. The Economist surveys every year and publishes a list of livable cities, with a number of Australian cities in the forefront, as well as Melbourne. Moreover, there are a lot of benefits in the workplace. The minimum wage in Australia is quite good compared to other countries in the world. The food habit of Melbourne residents is good enough and people from almost all countries like their food menu. Since migrants make up a large portion of Melbourne’s total population, their eating habits are mixed with different countries and cultures, which are constantly evolving in food items. Although there are many Melbourne residents from different countries and ethnicities, they are all very friendly and helpful. In this sense, we can confidently say that if you migrate to Melbourne, you will have a healthy and safe life, as well as your future generations will have one of the best nature-friendly cities on the planet.

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